Corrupt Mumbai Police Officers & Bank Managers

Posted by abyjain on July 24, 2007

I’m not really sure about the facts of the case mentioned below, but it seems like this man has been harassed so bad by the Mumbai police that he is determined to get his dues back. Obviously I support him (hope there is no fraud within the story), and I can do my bit by raising awareness for such issues through my very limited efforts. The link is provided below, and by clicking “next” at the bottom of each page you can go through a number of letters he has written to the senior cops.

I wonder if there is more information and if it finally got resolved… I guess it is ongoing as per the site he has developed.

Corrupt Mumbai Police Officers & Bank Managers

Blogging has become quite a strong tool all over the world to influence decisions and for the public to raise their voice. We should do the same in India. It’s definitely not going to be up to people like me as

a) I’m not such a great writer

b) I’m not even residing in India (maybe it makes a difference, maybe not)

So lets pull up our socks and contribute a little bit back to the world and make it a better place… for you and for me and the entire human race (heal the world – michael jackson)

One Response to “Corrupt Mumbai Police Officers & Bank Managers”

  1. “Obviously I support him (hope there is no fraud within the story)”.

    Mr AbyJain… While I am happy, you have written about me, also happy about your support for me … BUT the words “Hope there is no fraud within the story” has perplexed me.

    You think, if there was fraud in the story, Mumbai Police would have kept quiet. My website is up there since May 2005… All the Top Cops of Mumbai were informed in writing immediately.

    Cheif Justice of Supreme court was also informed(refer http://www.RoguePolice.com/cjapex.htm )

    Now I have registered a NGO to fight the police “People for Legal and Emotional Assistance to the Deserving” (PLEAD)… U can communicate directly with me ikchhugani@yahoo.com.

    Once again Thanks for writing about it.

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