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Live streaming TV online

Posted by abyjain on April 13, 2008

Details on installing Sopcast or TVU will also be added sooner or later to the site…. till then…

I am now making my link entries on a new tab on this website called  Live TV links.

This is a new page which will hold updated links (when possible for live transmissions on the web of the sports I like to watch.

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Cocky Ozzie and his ramblings

Posted by abyjain on January 17, 2008

My previous post about the ongoing India – Australia series was a monologue on the standard of umpiring and how it needed to improve. No matter, our friend Ray Dixon at the Alpine Opinion has gone and made some senseless comments on my blog and then goes on and on and on (ala duracell) about the issue on his own blog. Now that’s what gets you really bugged. It’s funny, sad, irritating and exasperating all at the same time of you read his replies even to the sanest comments made by others. For example, you will soon see a cocky reply on this post too…. and he thinks he is so smart. Like for example when I wanted to keep it simple and point to him that he was going on senselessly, I wrote on his blog – “you don’t quit, do you” to which Mr. Cocky replied – “No, and neither does the Australian Cricket Team”

Oh, someone please explain to him that a few things we are definitely good at are:

a) English

b) Talking and writing (So stop acting smart-alecky…. two can play at the game)

c) Numbers… dude we got more in a city than you got in a country. Wrong war to fight!

I just thought I would point one or two more people to his blog that he can busily fight off and prove how great the Australians are. He really does forget that its not going to last forever and that being friendly is a much better attribute than being bossy. But I guess its THEM being racist at heart that forces this i’m-better-than-you mentality. Just go through his brilliant comments on his pages to see what I mean. Maybe a generation or two down the line, these whites will know their new place in the world order 😉 This is also racism?? You whites should see the way a white behaves when serving a brown, whether in a restaurant or an airplane.

Edit on 20th January 2008

Our man has since commented a number of times on this blog, to which I was replying for a bit, but then I realised my friends will chastize me  once again for petty fighting, so have removed his comments and mine from this blog. Apparently, this is highly unjust, but thats the way my blog goes, and since I refuse to visit his blog, I hope this ends soon.

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Bad bad bad umpiring decisions at the India Australia test match

Posted by abyjain on January 6, 2008

I’m not too much of a complaining person, and of course shit happens in life, but what I do like to emphasize upon is accountability. Malcolm Speed has once again dismissed the decisions in this test match as a bad day at the office. There has been a decision made in a match once again which can definitely be put up for questioning. In one of the talk-back forums at rediff.com a guy has recommended that we write in to the ICC and express our displeasure. I think this should be made a huge campaign. I have just written to the email id given ther ebut if someone has more accurate info then it is most welcome. And this guy has a point, if the makers of BIG BROTHER can take action based on peoples feedback, then it is worth checking what the ICC is made of. Of course, the people giving feedback are not goras in this case. 😦

—–> The Catch the RP still insists he took cleanly, though finally given NOT OUT

An Illustrative article written by Prem Panicker can be found here.

Appreciate your feedback, and if anyone else is writing in too 😉

So here is my email sent to enquiry@icc-cricket.com

Dear Sir(s),
If in fact, the many errors being noticed nowadays, and in specific in the just concluded second test match between India and Pakistan, are just bad days at the office, then why are the non-performers not penalised for the same.
Whether it is a cricket player like Yuvraj or Ganguly, a CEO, a politician or even a servant in the house, all of us get penalised when we have a bad day at the office, and definitely so when we refuse to learn from our mistakes. What makes umpiring so different that the worker does not get penalised for working below the barest of acceptable levels???
Till when will we have to see decisions being made in favour of the same nations again and again. I admit that things went wrong both ways, but that is just not acceptable. Maybe it is the way media portrays it, but I am extremely certain of being convinced many a times that the decisions against India far outnumber the decisions for India. Of course I am talking about wrong decisions here.
Let the officers who make mistakes be made to pay for them. Whether dishonest or honest and incompetent. It is high time that some accountability come from the umpires as well.
As one person said in a forum, if the members of even a brainless show like BIG BROTHER in the UK can listen to petitions from ordinary people, I hope the ICC can too!

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Live Internet Streaming, India Vs. Australia

Posted by abyjain on October 17, 2007

For some reason, I’m not seeing a good stream coming off Sopcast for the final one day match today. The best thing to do, with a “new” technology, is to just go to livecbn.com and watch the cricket.

Please note, this supports IE only. I tried on Mozilla and it did not work. 😦

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Live streaming cricket on the Internet, India vs. Australia

Posted by abyjain on October 8, 2007






Go here – Live TV links – for updated and current links.






Edit on 26 June 2008:

To Watch the ASIA CUP, find the link in the TV links tab close to the top of this page….

Edit on 13th April w.r.t the India – SA test matches

I am now making my link entries on a new tab on this website called Live TV links.

Please go there on the link in the above line to find the latest links for online streaming cricket and other sports.






This is a new page which will hold updated links (when possible for live transmissions on the web of the sports I like to watch.


Edit on 2nd March w.r.t the India – Australia finals for the CB Series:

These are the links from where I found a direct working link that pulls the TV stream straight into your installed sopcast SW.



Update on Jan 16 2008 for the Third Test Match between India and Australia:

There is a working SOPCAST on http://acricket.com/sop8.htm

Remember to install SOPCAST software and open this in Internet Explorer only.


It’s amazing how some times a big leap can be so satisfying. The same is happening currently for me with the whole thing around SOPCASTS and TVU. For the uninitiated, these are the new methods available online to help video broadcasts on the internet. It started for me with the Twenty20 world cup and now into the India Australia one day series in India. Basically, what happens is that the broadcaster user your upload bandwidth to pass the same thing on to another user. So, not only do you use a lot of download bandwidth, you also use a lot more of your upload bandwidth. I’m wondering when these people are going to block these ports etc. in offices as well.

Anyway, in the mean time, there are lots of guides available on what to do if you want to see live cricket, or live movies, or hundreds of channels live on the internet. I think it is most useful for people outside of native countries who have a lot of bandwidth but not the local programming that they would want. For example all us expats in Singapore or Dubai wanting to watch all the cricket.

Just to start people off, you can go to www.sopcast.com, and for installs:

Download Sopcast and TVU PLayer

Also, some of the links working at the time of posting to watch India vs. Australia live are here (please note, have the sopcast player installed before you click on these links)

** SopCast Link 1

** SopCast Link 2

** SopCast Link 3

** SopCast Link 4

** SopCast Link 5

** RSA V PAK 2nd Test

Most of the info for now came from this blog (to give due credits)

Here is a sample of how the sopcast player looks, with a screenshot of Tendulkar playing in the 3rd one-day against Australia at Chandigarh. Let’s see who wins…

Live cricket streaming online internet India Australia

The other sweet and simple way to just have all the instructions and easily watch cricket live online is to go to the Live Cricket Broadcasting Network Site @ http://www.livecbn.com

Edit on February 8th 2008:

There are more links that people have added in the comments section. Please check it out if you’re hvaing trouble finding the links/channels where online TV is available.

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Twenty20 World Cup India… Yuvraj… and my predictions…

Posted by abyjain on September 21, 2007

Wow! Like so many Indian fans going through their short-lived memories, I can’t remember the last time India got into a late stage of a tournament feeling good about themselves. And of course, being the betting man that I am, I’ve been trying to think if I can predict whats going to happen in the semi-finals or the finals. In line with what one would expect, I’ve got some thoughts, in fact I’ve got many, but I doubt if any one has the time to read them… but some things I’m thinking:

a) India is going to win the semi-finals and the finals – yeah, thats a lot of optimist in me too.

b) Yuvraj is not going to play any more match winning innings in this tournament.

c) Sehwag, Pathan, R P Singh and Gambhir are going to deliver for India

d) It’s going to be an India-Pakistan final.

If 3 out of these four predictions come true… Ferrari are going to win the drivers championship in F1 as well… keep watching!

On one of the betting sites I checked, the last odds were as follows (while the India game was not finished yet, I bet that changed soon after):

Australia – 6/5

South Africa – 11/4

Pakistan – 7/2

New Zealand – 13/2

India – 10 (this later became 6/4 after India threw SA out)

Imagine… and now South Africa is out of the Twenty20 world cup. HA!

And by the way, here are the six sixes by Yuvraj Singh on youtube…

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