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Eating in Dubai

Posted by abyjain on July 22, 2007

I enjoy my food. For me,

Eating is not something you have to do to stay alive.

Eating is not a chore.

Eating does not waste time.

Eating is heavenly

Eating is the reason why we live, not the other way round

So… with that in mind, moving to Dubai has been quite a nice move. There is food of all sorts available here… Served, Cooked, Ready-to-cook, Uncooked, Not-to-be-cooked, Indian, Not-at-all-Indian,  sizes, shapes, qualities and much much more. The good parts are:

1 – Lots and lots of variety of everything. Don’t even get me started on “how so?”

2 – Off the shelf and easy availability. Whatever be your palette

3 – Joys of cooking yourself (or be it the wife) and living with your mistakes and your genius

4 – The snacks, an unlimited variety

5 – The price – Food really is as cheap as in India, and for all the varieties that you have access to, those are definitely cheaper than if you were to look for them back home.

YUMMS… I’m having a good time 🙂

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Formula 1 – Ferrari, Kimi, Delhi, Karthikeyan

Posted by abyjain on July 22, 2007

There’s really only one sport that I watch regularly, and thats F1. I wondered often during the end of last season whether F1 would be as much fun without Michael Schumacher in it and I have to say it’s not been so bad. Of course this season is also better due to more competition and all the happenings with the spy saga etc. Good entertainment all round. I’m rooting for Ferrari (obviously) and its probably going to go down to the wire this year. I’d rather have KIMI winning than Massa, but it’s all good. Also, there is so much to look forward to with the Delhi F1 GP being formalised and also Narain Karthikeyan again looking for an F1 drive. My feel though is that he may just miss out on it this time. Time will tell.

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