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Raheja Revanta

Posted by abyjain on November 1, 2011

Update February 8, 2012:

The prices for Tapas and Surya being offered by Raheja themselves in the primary market is now 5475 and 6475. Secondary market prices will not be available till the BBA’s are signed (my guess). So around April one should be able to start estimating secondary market prices.

Attached here is a map of the Metro network that will be coming on NH-8 right in front of the Raheja development.

Sorry, seems the original image was removed

Update 08 Nov 2011:

Apparently, the project is going to launch on 15th November 2011. Also, by push or pull, I think the 300/- prelaunch offer is still gettable, making it 4575/- psft for the low-rise Tapas townhouses.

The official site is rahejarevanta.com


So, after my last Real Estate investment in 2006, described here, I am now back in the market and testing the waters again.

Me and a friend have each taken up a low-rise apartment in Tapas, in the development called Raheja Revanta in Sector 78 Gurgaon.

Location is as below:

Other pictures and material to be added soon…

If you would like to stay posted on this project and only if you are invested here, please send me an email at abyjain at hot mail dot com so that I can take your details on put you on the e-group for this project.

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NH-8, the big Gurgaon Highway

Posted by abyjain on July 29, 2007

I know NH-8 is not the big “Gurgaon Highway”, but for us, and for a lot of other people, this is the new lifeline for Gurgaon. I’ve seen it take shape from the nothingness that it was. I have seen places where we earlier went only on drunk nights become hot-spots. The office where I went last in Gurgaon, was totally OUT 5-10 years ago (right opposite 32nd milestone) but now is almost in the main frame of the NCR. Development is so amazing to watch. I’ve often thought – the person who owns 32nd Milestone would have seen his property appreciate a million percent over the years. If I were him, I would consider either selling it off or re-developing it completely, seeing how it sees little business throughout the year. Anyway, I digress… the plans for NH-8 look something like this from what I have read:

A completely new experience is being promised for commuters on the Delhi-Gurgaon highway once the proposed 32-lane toll plaza becomes operational. Slated to be the largest of its kind in India, the hitech plaza would assure speed, transparency and efficiency.

Spokesman of D S Constructions, Rafiq Khan, said, “The automated tolling system at the plaza would also have lanes for commuters where they would not have to stop and pay the toll if they already have toll tags on their vehicles. As it is expected that in the next few months the 27.8 kilometer stretch will witness a huge traffic flow Khan said the plaza has been designed to be flexible enough to be able to change at short notices. Besides 16 lanes per direction, another three special lanes have been planned on both sides to accommodate the slow moving vehicles. However, slowmoving traffic will not be allowed in the toll lanes.”

Significantly, out of the 32 lanes, four lanes in the centre would be `reversible lanes’. This means, according to the requirements of the volume of traffic flow, lanes on either side could be changed to the configuration of 18 lanes and 14 lanes per direction.

Khan claimed that there will be three different colour schemes for three different kinds of tolling systems. The lanes with orange signage would be for those vehicles which would have a smart tag attached on the inside of the windshield and expressway. These lanes will be unmanned and will be in the middle of the toll plaza. The lane with blue signage would be for commuters using a prepaid card called the Contactless Smart Card (CSC) with a transaction time of under 3.5 seconds. With touch and go technology, the commuter has to stop and manually swipe the card without worrying about carrying cash for paying toll.The lane with green signage would be the cash lane and the commuter would have to stop and pay cash at the counter.

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