Test Page

I’m going to use this page to test some theme pages that I am dreaming up. It’s definitely going to take a long long time to come up…

Idea #1 –

How about a “Dubai Guide” page … I know of a couple of things I could writeabout…

a) Finding rental accomodation the Dubai

b) How to get a driving license in Dubai

c) Places to go to in Dubai when on holiday

Idea #2 –

How about a Gadgets at my residence including their reviews page… it’s not as if it is going to have way too many things… but its still good enough for me… and then I can share the hidden quirks and features with other people. The things I can see coming up here are…

a) Ferrari F430 (or whatever the model is)

b) LG 103-inch  plasma

c) Sony PS3 + XBOX Elite + Wii

Just kidding man… will put up this page depicting reality rather than fiction some day. It will have

a) 43-incher from LG

b) Onkyo system with Jamo spearkers

c) Other stuff whenever we get it, like the car, vacuum cleaner, dish washer, a/v devices, laptops etc. etc.

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