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Gulfnews: 6 years jail for Bollywood star

Posted by abyjain on July 31, 2007

Gulfnews: 6 years jail for Bollywood star

Yes, the star in question is Sanjay Dutt and I’m wondering what the future options are going to be for this sentence to be changed or dropped. It’s pretty massive for someone to face 6 years in jail, especially considering he is an age-ing star and his career will probably be finished if he goes to Jail now (and that too for so long).

I feel sorry for him. Not that I know the merits or the demerits of the case. But unless the appeal can get him some major relief, the rest of his life could become pretty mundane and sad, considering how well he was doing. Moral of the story – as mom and dad always said… just stay away from all the mumbo-jumbo. You never know when it comes and bites you in the a@$#.

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A fable from the Himalayas

Posted by abyjain on July 31, 2007

This is a short film by Nitin Das (IIM Calcutta, http://www.filmkaar.com). Got the link on the e-group with a message from Nitin saying – The enchanted land is dissappearing fast. Could you please spread this film to your friends. In the fight against Global warming, no effort is too small.

Watching the video is a small motivation to do our bit. I’m feeling good about the water harvesting we do… and thinking maybe some of the parking space at home can give way to a tree!

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