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Formula 1 : News SPYKER – F1-Live.com

Posted by abyjain on July 23, 2007

Formula 1 : News SPYKER – F1-Live.com

The most amazing part of the article is this – Kolles problem is that while Williams test driver Karthikeyan can promise a raft of sponsors, team chiefs including Mike Gascoyne are pushing for Klien — who is not substantially backed.

Pray, pray…. perhaps the new financial muscle of India is going to get us what we want to see.

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Yahoo! Photos – Closing

Posted by abyjain on July 23, 2007

Official page that I got – Yahoo! Photos – Closing

Another external article on the same – Yahoo Photos Begins Closing Down

So this is the latest thing I noticed just today while looking for an old photograph of mine (one with a real live koala). Anyway, so it got me wondering, obviously there will be some people inconvenienced by this (like me!) and of course inconvenience is not viewed very politely by anyone, and especially so if you’re in the west and very much more so if you’re an american. Hence, isn’t it very possible that someone or the other will just go ahead and sue Yahoo! for pulling something off even though they were giving it for free in the first place (and surely with the suitable disclaimers when you signed up for the service)…

Let’s see. I’m rather sure someone or the other will be up to it. It’s actually a good thing. Some services need to go and new ones need to come on. I like Y! photos better than Flickr though I had an account on both. Moreover, Flickr is not even accessible in Dubai so Y! photos is going to lose one customer for sure in the near future…


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Global Warming awareness

Posted by abyjain on July 23, 2007

I’ve always wanted to put up a lot of images from all over the web on my blog. Again, my ineptness at handling html etc. had me by my @#$%^ as far as this initiative was concerned. Now, once again I have wordpress to my rescue and here is the first of such images to come on my blog. I am sure this is going to be a good affair 😉

The human hand isn’t always creative.
Sometimes it destroys… The polar ice caps are melting. We can all do something to slow down global warming. It’s in our hand to save the planet.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Vangelis Vrouvas
Art Director/Copywriter: Renato Tatas
Photographer: Yiannis Chatziantoniou
Published: May 2007

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Mercedes ad featuring the competition between Alonso and Hamilton

Posted by abyjain on July 23, 2007

Nice piece of work from Mercedes using the hype around the competition between Hamilton and Alonso.

Damn, these guys are doing well right now. I wish Ferrari would first just get their reliability sorted out. Seems to me that Raikonnen has a thing like Montoya… their cars just keep breaking down!!!

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Blogging activity

Posted by abyjain on July 23, 2007

I have not blogged actively for a long time now, maybe a couple of years. There were a number of reasons to it, like the non-availability of MS frontpage to edit HTML and just a lot of stuff happening in life which did not give me the opportunity to sit idle and brood+write. Now, my senses are flooded with so many new experiences, thoughts, processes and inputs that I feel its worth taking up again. I’ve been wanting to explore the different blogging avenues open as on date but have once again taken the shortcut and gone with wordpress, which seems to give one the freedom to do whatever they want.

Anyway, the reason I started this blog was that I got my first comment on this blog. Old feelings come back, when I started blogging about 5 years ago, and hardly anyone (in my circle) was blogging, or even knew what blogging was all about. Since then, many more have come and many more have left, but there are very few who have stuck to it. So I got a comment, and I finally have a blogroll, hopefully others would like to blogroll me as well. And I have all of these interesting things that I read online, which I am hoping can be put onto my blog as links… trying to get the technicalities fixed for that. Till then, a lot of it is still going to be available on my facebook page.

Fingers crossed for the blog this time. Maybe this will go on and on and on…. or maybe I’ll just get bored with this one once again! Time will tell.

So thanks, Ramesh, for your comment.

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