Network signal receptiveness of Mobile phones

Posted by abyjain on August 20, 2007

I think all of us would agree that some cellphones seem to be better able to adapt to low signal areas than others. Still, I don’t see this as a criteria for rating when cellphones are reviewed. It’s really strange, cos there’s really no one who does not face a low signal area ever. If nothing else, when you’re driving out of your city/state, this capacity of your phone will determine when you move out of network coverage.

If anyone visiting this page knows of a resource that rightly even closely hints on the “Network receptiveness” of a mobile phone, please let me know. At least for me, it would be a big factor in deciding which phone to go for. More importantly, a manufacturer who gives a higher weightage to the task the phone was originally supposed to do should be rewarded for it.

Maybe I can make a website for this and make my million dollars off that? Who’d do the testing for me? Vote-mechanisms?


1 – A cellular repeater can be bought for a residence or a vehicle, and though I have never used one, it seems like they should do the trick.

2 – A weak network signal makes a cellphone work harder, consuming more battery and emitting more radiations

Edit on 19th January 2008,

In my own world of testing and experiences, Sony Ericsson phones seem to have much better signal response in low signal areas that both the dopod 818 pro and the Nokia N80. My brother has the W850i and my wife just got the Z750i and they both seemed to get better reception in our low network coverage residence in Bur Dubai. Hence, for now:

Sony Ericsson > HTC & Nokia

Generic statements for now, but will try to add data as I experience it. Inputs are welcome!

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