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Making money off the internet

Posted by abyjain on August 7, 2007

Bill Gates Carlos Slim, the mexican billionaire, son of Lebanese immigrants, is now the richest person in the world as per the Forbes magazine. The admission comes close on the heels of the calculations of a noted mexican personality in the recent past.

Even though Slim has made his riches through telecom, banking and many other trades, the internet has been the most prodigious instrument for making money in recent times. On the smallest level, Google adsense seems to be making a number of people quite self sufficient. And of course these avenues have made sure that google itself is one of the richest/most hyped companies in the world. To think, that the internet gave these guys Larry and Sergey so much money to be a part of the richest in the world club is amazing. I was going through some pages on the web which give a guess-timate on how much people can make using google adsense on their own websites and the amount of money involved is not too small.

On the other hand, I have friends who are even today really keen to start an online presence which can help them make money… take for example www.uaemillion.com – to be honest I haven’t understood the business logic behind this site till now but I am not willing to bet against it. The person who has started it, has no dearth of enthusiasm, forget everything else. Sometimes, I feel it is enough to have enthusiasm on your side. The other things will fall into place. I’m also hoping that I get 1% of his company when he goes public for being the first person ever to link to his site… Well, there’s nothing there right now anyway!

So coming to the point… is it possible to have a blog presence that is so highly read that adsense or sponsored ads make you money? I believe it is, but only if you specialise in something. ONLY, if you have knowledge that is a little bit rare or difficult to find in a structured format… AND if you have a format that google likes 😉 I think that’s the biggest issue nowadays, like my brother faces with www.hovr.com (his mobile gaming portal)… that google should like you in order for your business to succeed. Man, imagine having so much power. These guys can make or break a company just by twiddling their fingers algorithms.

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Weakening dollar, Strengthening rupee – DOUBLE whammy

Posted by abyjain on July 24, 2007

We came to the UAE about 5-6 weeks ago, cannot sit and calculate the exact time frames right now. The irony (b@#$h) of it is, that the rupee has been rising for the past few months, beginning before we left and now continuing unabated. Sadly, our salaries are denominated in Dirhams now, so effectively they are going down. Most of the Indians in the Gulf come with an overall aim of taking money back to India sooner or later. The rupee, that they have seen perhaps at levels of 13 (12 easily) is now down to just about 10+ and further doom is predicted. Why, oh why do the economics of the world always work against me. Whether it is the stock market, currencies or loans!!!

It was soooo bugging to see the economictimes.com article stating the “years” highs that the rupee is achieving. waahhh!!!

Good times to be in India, surely! More shopping, more trips abroad! Less prices for all these imported goods. I am sure my last employer (IBM India) is also laughing all the way to the bank. But maybe not as IBM India also provides a lot of these offshore services like TCS, Infy, Wipro, Satyam! Whatever.

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