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Bad bad bad umpiring decisions at the India Australia test match

Posted by abyjain on January 6, 2008

I’m not too much of a complaining person, and of course shit happens in life, but what I do like to emphasize upon is accountability. Malcolm Speed has once again dismissed the decisions in this test match as a bad day at the office. There has been a decision made in a match once again which can definitely be put up for questioning. In one of the talk-back forums at rediff.com a guy has recommended that we write in to the ICC and express our displeasure. I think this should be made a huge campaign. I have just written to the email id given ther ebut if someone has more accurate info then it is most welcome. And this guy has a point, if the makers of BIG BROTHER can take action based on peoples feedback, then it is worth checking what the ICC is made of. Of course, the people giving feedback are not goras in this case. 😦

—–> The Catch the RP still insists he took cleanly, though finally given NOT OUT

An Illustrative article written by Prem Panicker can be found here.

Appreciate your feedback, and if anyone else is writing in too 😉

So here is my email sent to enquiry@icc-cricket.com

Dear Sir(s),
If in fact, the many errors being noticed nowadays, and in specific in the just concluded second test match between India and Pakistan, are just bad days at the office, then why are the non-performers not penalised for the same.
Whether it is a cricket player like Yuvraj or Ganguly, a CEO, a politician or even a servant in the house, all of us get penalised when we have a bad day at the office, and definitely so when we refuse to learn from our mistakes. What makes umpiring so different that the worker does not get penalised for working below the barest of acceptable levels???
Till when will we have to see decisions being made in favour of the same nations again and again. I admit that things went wrong both ways, but that is just not acceptable. Maybe it is the way media portrays it, but I am extremely certain of being convinced many a times that the decisions against India far outnumber the decisions for India. Of course I am talking about wrong decisions here.
Let the officers who make mistakes be made to pay for them. Whether dishonest or honest and incompetent. It is high time that some accountability come from the umpires as well.
As one person said in a forum, if the members of even a brainless show like BIG BROTHER in the UK can listen to petitions from ordinary people, I hope the ICC can too!

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