My first Butter Chicken

Posted by abyjain on October 15, 2007

my first butter chicken

Originally uploaded by abyjain

This photo was taken some time in early 2005, perhaps January or February when I was just getting into the whole cooking thing. This is what the butter chicken turned out looking like. Honestly, it was the best gravy I had ever had, but the chicken could have been a little better done as it was the first attempt at a Tandoori chicken being made at home as well.

All in all, making butter chicken the genuine way IS a little hard for home cooking unless you take some short cuts, but I guess thats what makes it so special. 🙂

Its been a long journey since then. Moving beyond the omelettes into Dal, Pooris, Aloo, and dozens of varieties of Mutton, Chicken, Biryanis and Prawns. Mmmm…. its been quite “fulfilling”…. 🙂

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