Twenty20 World Cup India… Yuvraj… and my predictions…

Posted by abyjain on September 21, 2007

Wow! Like so many Indian fans going through their short-lived memories, I can’t remember the last time India got into a late stage of a tournament feeling good about themselves. And of course, being the betting man that I am, I’ve been trying to think if I can predict whats going to happen in the semi-finals or the finals. In line with what one would expect, I’ve got some thoughts, in fact I’ve got many, but I doubt if any one has the time to read them… but some things I’m thinking:

a) India is going to win the semi-finals and the finals – yeah, thats a lot of optimist in me too.

b) Yuvraj is not going to play any more match winning innings in this tournament.

c) Sehwag, Pathan, R P Singh and Gambhir are going to deliver for India

d) It’s going to be an India-Pakistan final.

If 3 out of these four predictions come true… Ferrari are going to win the drivers championship in F1 as well… keep watching!

On one of the betting sites I checked, the last odds were as follows (while the India game was not finished yet, I bet that changed soon after):

Australia – 6/5

South Africa – 11/4

Pakistan – 7/2

New Zealand – 13/2

India – 10 (this later became 6/4 after India threw SA out)

Imagine… and now South Africa is out of the Twenty20 world cup. HA!

And by the way, here are the six sixes by Yuvraj Singh on youtube…

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