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Formula 1 and McLaren disqualification

Posted by abyjain on September 14, 2007

McLaren had been having a nightmare of a time in F1 preceding the 2007 seasons for quite some time. That was also possibly the reason why Mika Hakinnen retired in 2001… also leading to a sad career forward for David Coulthard. For a while, it seemed that there was no challenger to Ferrari till Renault came along and started the era of Fernando Alonso.

Throughout the 2007 season, I have marvelled at the progress McLaren had made. I hate dislike Alonso too much to give him credit for all the progress McLaren had made, and now it seems to be very plausible that the Ferrari dossier helped McLaren achieve much of its progress into 2007.

Everyone would have their take on the decision handed out to McLaren and it would definitely be clouded by our personal preferences, but I am in disagreement with almost everything.

a) Why do the drivers not get penalised at all? Could they have secured any points if the car did not move as fast as it did? (Obviously the assumption here is that it is proven that McLaren derived an advantage from the Ferrari dossier)

b) Why strip them of ALL the constructor championship points? Its not like they would have scored 0 points by themselves. I’m sure they would have scored 20-30! Maybe some formula should have been deployed, like halving it or something. It gives them too easy a way out when it say o points in 2007. It should have said 50,60,70… don’t let them get away with a simple “0” which can be justified by McLaren as a “technical result” or whatever…. you know what I mean?

c) The $100 million fine, seems to be a bit too much. I don’t know how much the teams get as a share of the revenues and what the numbers are like, but $100 million!!! Most teams don’t have a total budget that large, many have a much smaller one. That was a bit too much I think.

Let’s see if there is more to come. And how the hell will they prove they are using no Ferrari know-how in 2008?? That’s a very tough one.

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