Formula 1 : News Spyker bought by Vijay Mallya and gang, to be called Orange India – F1-Live.com

Posted by abyjain on September 1, 2007

Formula 1 : News Spyker – F1-Live.com

The news in the link above is AMAZING. Vijay Mallya, in his “personal capacity”, has bought the SPYKER F1 team in a joint bid. The new team will be called “Orange India”. Wowwwwww……. makes my heart swell with pride. Wish we had more people like Vijay Mallya. Flamboyance coupled with a little bit of India makes me feel so good.

Of course, a number of drivers will now be hoping to be a part of the team from India and I am sure a lot of Indian corporate money is going to flow into this team. Yippie! Here we come, F1 world. Any guesses on how long before we produce a world champion? I think that one is going to take some time….

From other news articles, like the one here, at business standard, it appears that the team could even be names Kingfisher Ferrari some day! And that Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandok could be frontrunners for the drivers seat. I am so sure that the money problems of the team are really going to be a thing of the past now. 🙂

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