Yahoo! Photos – Closing

Posted by abyjain on July 23, 2007

Official page that I got – Yahoo! Photos – Closing

Another external article on the same – Yahoo Photos Begins Closing Down

So this is the latest thing I noticed just today while looking for an old photograph of mine (one with a real live koala). Anyway, so it got me wondering, obviously there will be some people inconvenienced by this (like me!) and of course inconvenience is not viewed very politely by anyone, and especially so if you’re in the west and very much more so if you’re an american. Hence, isn’t it very possible that someone or the other will just go ahead and sue Yahoo! for pulling something off even though they were giving it for free in the first place (and surely with the suitable disclaimers when you signed up for the service)…

Let’s see. I’m rather sure someone or the other will be up to it. It’s actually a good thing. Some services need to go and new ones need to come on. I like Y! photos better than Flickr though I had an account on both. Moreover, Flickr is not even accessible in Dubai so Y! photos is going to lose one customer for sure in the near future…


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